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Centrebus 9 19
9 Oakham - Stamford - Peterborough
2012_09_02 extra journeys to plug gaps
2013_12_02 linked with 19 Nottingham - Oakham. Buses run through but number changes at Oakham
CENTREBUS_09_2015_05.pdf  Continues to/from Nottingham on route 19. Branded "five counties" [Doc prop 2015_05_22]
2015_08_30 King's Sch-Stamford jny revised and numbered 9A
19 Nottingham - Melton Mowbray - Oakham - Stamford - Peterborough
2016_08_28 now numbered 19 throughout. No change to timetable
CENTREBUS_19_2016_10_23.pdf  Valid to 2016_12_31
9 Oakham - Stamford - Peterborough
CENTREBUS_09_2017_08_13.pdf  Renumbered 9 again; minor retimings. See also v2 in different format
CENTREBUS_09_2018_09_02.pdf  Reduced service; withdrawn on Sats
2018_10_21 WITHDRAWN between Stamford and Peterborough - replaced by Delaine 205
9 Oakham - Stamford
2018_10_21 tt required
CENTREBUS_09_2020_06_29.pdf  Reduced to 2-hrly due to Covid-19
WITHDRAWN date to follow

Centrebus R47/47
Belton - Uppingham - Peterborough Paul James Coaches
PAUL JAMES_47_2007_04.pdf 
Oakham - Uppingham - Peterborough Centrebus
CENTREBUS_47_2011_10_03.pdf  New op Centrebus ex Paul James. Extended to Oakham
CENTREBUS_47_2014_09.pdf  Valid to 2016_02_13
Whissendine - Oakham - Uppingham - Peterborough
CENTREBUS_47_2016_02_14.pdf  Extended to start/finish at Whissendine (already on the depot journey)
2020_03_23 temporarily operated closed-door for students only due to Covid-19
CENTREBUS_47_2021_04_12.pdf  Diverted via Empingham and Edith Weston due to bridge closure at Manton.
CENTREBUS_47_2021_07_05.pdf  Reverts to normal route (expected date; actual date not confirmed).
2021_08_27 WITHDRAWN replaced by Vectare 47 (from 2021_09_06)

Centrebus 190
Hitchin - Biggleswade - Gamlingay - Sandy  NB Gamlingay is in Cambs
CENTREBUS_190_2017_09_03.pdf  Also shows 188
WITHDRAWN date to follow

C G Myall & Son 8
Cambridge - Dry Drayton - Papworth Everard
MYALL_08_2021_08_16.pdf  NEW formerly Whippet 8
2023_06_26 WITHDRAWN check if replacement?

C G Myall & Son 15
Royston - Bassingbourn- Haslingfield
MYALL_15_2004_04_07.pdf  NEW Wednesdays; extended to Haslingfield (tt downloaded Oct 2018)
2021_08_15 WITHDRAWN replaced by A2B Travel 15

C G Myall & Son 17
Royston - Bassingbourn - Guilden Morden
MYALL_17_2023_04_01.pdf  NEW formerly A2B Travel 17

C G Myall & Son 101
Whittlesford - Duxford - Saffron Walden
MYALL_101_2014_12_03.pdf  Tuesdays
MYALL_101_2023_05_30.pdf  Detailed Traveline version as at date shown (n/c)

C G Myall & Son 132
Cambridge - Duxford - Saffron Walden
MYALL_132_2015_08_30.pdf  Sundays (tt downloaded Oct 2018)
MYALL_132_2023_05_30.pdf  Detailed Traveline version as at date shown (n/c)

C G Myall & Son 199
Cambridge - Newnham
MYALL_199_2014_12_03.pdf Tues & Fris
MYALL_199_2023_05_30.pdf  Detailed Traveline version as at date shown (n/c)

C G Myall & Son C2
Hatley - St Neots
MYALL_C2_2014_06_02.pdf  Thursdays (tt downloaded Oct 2018)
MYALL_C2_2023_05_30.pdf  Detailed Traveline version as at date shown (n/c)