Route News 2022

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough (latest items first). For older news see the Archive page.

For details of temporary route diversions and changes (due to roadworks, special events, weather etc) see the local Stagecoach page, Delaine's Twitter page and First's Current Issues page for Excel alterations.

Early May Bank Holiday

bullet On Monday May 2nd (the Early May Bank Holiday) all operators will be running a Sunday service.


Queensgate Bus Station to fully reopen May 3rd

bullet In March 2020 half of Queensgate bus station closed temporarily due to work being carried out on the shopping centre. From Tuesday May 3rd the bus station will fully reopen with most routes reverting to their previous bays, and of course the temporary Acland Street bus station will close.

bullet Citi 1 to Werrington therefore reverts to Bay 14, Citi 2 to Paston and Gunthorpe reverts to Bay 13, Citi 4 to Netherton and City Hospital reverts to Bay 1A, Citi 4 to Newark and Parnwell reverts to Bay 16, Citi 5 to Dogsthorpe or Welland reverts to Bay 12, and Citi 6 to Hampton reverts to Bay 8.

bullet Other changes are as follows: Route 23/24 Bay 15; routes 31 and 33 Bay 6; routes 36 and 37 Bay 16; routes 60 to 63 Bay 11; route 904 Bay 8.

bullet It appears that X4 (operated by Stagecoach Midlands) is staying on Bay 9 and has not reverted to Bay 15. Other routes not shown will leave from the same bays as now.

bullet A list of the bays in bay number order can be found on the new Bus Station page and there is also a Bus Station Plan.

bullet Apart from the above changes to bays, timetables are unaltered. However, there are two very minor changes which apply only on school holidays: on route 24 the 0755 from Queensgate arrives Lynch Wood 10 minutes earlier than on schooldays, and on route 37 the 0700 from Spalding runs earlier between Peterborough One Retail Park and Queensgate, scheduled to arrive at 0811, which is 12 minutes earlier than on schooldays.

24/04/2022 updated 16/05/2022

Easter Holiday Arrangements 2022

bullet Good Friday April 15th - Stagecoach and Excel are running a Sunday service, except for route X4 (operated by Stagecoach Midlands) which has a Saturday service. Delaine 101 runs from Bourne at 0730, 0900 then every 30 minutes until 1630; from Peterborough at 0900, 1000 then every 30 minutes until 1730 (no service on 102). Delaine 201 has a Saturday timetable starting with the 0810 from Bourne and 1000 from Peterborough.

bullet Easter Saturday April 16th - Normal Saturday services.

bullet Easter Sunday April 17th - Sunday service on Stagecoach and Excel. No service on Delaine.

bullet Easter Monday April 18th - All operators are running Sunday timetables.


Stagecoach 57 Spalding to Skegness from April 2nd, 2022

bullet Although strictly outside the remit of this website, I do include a link to Stagecoach service 57 Boston to Skegness. Until now it has been possible to leave Skegness at 1730 with a 10 minute connection at Spalding onto the last bus for Peterborough. Sadly, from Saturday April 2nd the last bus from Skegness to Spalding will now be more than two hours earlier at 1515 (1525 on Saturdays and school holidays), arriving Spalding at 1755, with no connection for Peterborough. The only suitable connection would now be to leave Skegness at 1400 with a 30 minute connection at Spalding. In fairness to Stagecoach, route 57 sees very few passengers between Spalding and Boston. Of course, there is a through bus on route X12 at weekends in July and August.


Stagecoach 2 and 37 changed from January 30th, 2022

bullet It has been brought to my attention that Stagecoach routes 2 and 37 changed from January 30th as follows:

bullet On Mondays to Saturdays evening journeys on Citi 2 from Queensgate to Gunthorpe and Paston have been retimed three minutes earlier leaving hourly 1905 to 2305 instead of 1908 to 2308. Journeys to City Hospital leaving Queensgate 0722-0842 and 1615-1735 on Mondays to Fridays do not serve the hospital main entrance but call at Stop 4 in line with other routes.

bullet On route 37, the 0710 from Spalding to Peterborough (Mons to Fris) now leaves at 0700 and runs up to 10 minutes earlier throughout the journey. The 1945 from Spalding and 2030 from Peterborough no longer call at Peterborough One Retail Park (but curiously are still shown as calling on Saturdays).

bullet The timetable for route 33 has also been reissued, but does not affect Peterborough. The only change is that the 1940 Chatteris to March journey on Saturdays is retimed to 1900.


Stagecoach Fares and Tickets from January 4th, 2022

bullet Stagecoach are introducing some new ticket options from January 4th, including Youth tickets, also Flexi tickets which are bundles of Day Riders for those not travelling every day. Most passengers will be paying the same or less than before. Details can be found at Stagecoach East's Guide to Tickets. The Fares page has now been updated (February 11th).

14/12/2021 updated 11/02/22

Minor changes to Delaine 101/102 from January 4th, 2022

bullet From the beginning of January (actually January 4th because of the bank holiday on January 3rd) there will be some Monday to Friday peak-hour changes to Delaine 101/102. The 0730 Peterborough to Bourne will become a 101 journey (rather than 102 via Deeping St James) and will run on Mondays to Fridays terminating at Bourne bus station (rather than Morton). The 0745 from Peterborough will run only on schooldays, terminating at Bourne Grammar school and not calling at Glinton or Northborough. The first bus from Peterborough to Morton will be the 0900.

bullet Deeping St James passengers benefit from an additional morning peak journey on route 102 as far as Market Deeping Market Place where they can change for the 0750 to Peterborough from round the corner in Church Street. The new journey is actually the existing 0725 route 302 journey Bourne - Market Deeping - Spalding but leaving Bourne 10 minutes earlier and diverted via Deeping St James, running as route 102 between Towngate and Market Place.

14/12/2021 updated 24/12/2021