Stagecoach service 904   from 03/05/22 (bay change only)

Peterborough > Stilton

MONS TO SATS:  0620 and hourly until 2020 (note 1420 runs 30 mins later on schooldays).

SUNDAYS:  No service.

Stilton (approx time) > Peterborough

MONS TO SATS:  0641 and hourly until 2041 (time is at Mill Road).

SUNDAYS:  No service.

Peterborough Queensgate Bay 8 --> Hampton Serpentine Green --> Yaxley Crossroads --> Stilton, Mill Road --> Stilton High Street (then loops via the Orchard Close and Glebe Road stops back to High Street)

Journey approx 22 minutes. Buses continue to/from Huntingdon and St Ives.

Page updated 25/04/22